Design for Bird wing

This is my new design for the bird wing imagery. I wanted to try and be a bit more creative with the layout so I added an extra circle adding a splash of colour which draws your eye immediately. Mockingbird


Sequential development of Dome

This was when I desined a new environment for my world. Everything exists inside this dome, the government centres the dome with a ramp going round allowing the pods to travel to each level. On the top level is where all the unused pods lay awaiting for a mind to be uploaded. The government holographic heads lay on each level when communication is needed. No one sees who or what lives inside the building. The trees are also technologically made, not natural.

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First draft of world

I tried combining all the opponents together. However I began to think, if this is a world of technology, what would the world look like? There’d be no need for nature, roads, cars, or the usual daily life processes. So this is what I thought. A world within a world.

My world exists as a sub world based on earth, inside a dome maybe? Only those who upload their minds are allowed into this world. The humans and holograms are segregated. Untitled-1.jpg

Adding some colour

I used the drawings I created to add some colour to see if I could see my world coming to life. As I began I realised how large this project is and how difficult it is to create a new world as not only do you need to think of the big changes, you also need to create the smaller details that make it different.

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