‘In Cold Blood’ | Final Design.

Again, I made changes to the final draft.

– Changed the font of the title (Author in Bold, Makes it more organised and stand out further)
– Added imagery to the back cover (Makes it more interesting and makes the grey follow
– Changed the position of the blurb (to make it easier to read and fits within the imagery.)
– Added the fingerprint pattern to the spine (to reinforce the subject matter.)
– Changed the colour of the font on the spine (to make it stand out on a shelf.)

I am very happy with the final draft as with Cold Blood, they have previously used mainly photographic imagery. I wanted to bring a more modern illustrative style whilst also bringing the truth that photography can bring. I felt this will intrigue new readers as I feel as though there is still a mystery to the imagery whereas a documentary photographic image is more self explanatory.
 In Cold Blood FINAL.jpg


‘In Cold Blood’ | Choosing a design

To start a new idea for this book, I realised I could use the fingerprint patterned heads I created last year. I’ve been meaning to use these images for something and thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

I started by just testing what the image would look like with the title and the given text they’ve asked for. I feel like it works really well with the style and time of the murders. The fingerprints represent the forensic side and the multiple heads represents the multiple murders.

I’ve swayed more towards the red image as it’s more eye-catching and also represents murder (red = blood).

Final design for ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.

I chose this live brief due to the immediate interest in genre and knew it would be a challenge to take on such iconic books. I also wanted to learn more about designing a book cover such as formats, typography and requirements clients may ask. I made many versions of imagery by experimenting with colour, positioning and design. The cover is simple but to the point. I feel as though they bring something different to what’s been used before.

I’ve allowed myself to be more critical of my work, telling myself what doesn’t work and/or what wouldn’t grab the attention of the audience no matter how much I liked it myself. I feel as though the cover would work very well and i’ve focused equally on the image itself along with the text and typography and learnt a lot to what goes into designing a cover, especially the technicality side and bleeding related to printing. Mockingbird