Playing around

At one point, I got too stressed out with the project as I felt like I wasn’t succeeding in executing my world the way I wanted to. So I played around with the trees I designed. trees2


Sequential development of Dome

This was when I desined a new environment for my world. Everything exists inside this dome, the government centres the dome with a ramp going round allowing the pods to travel to each level. On the top level is where all the unused pods lay awaiting for a mind to be uploaded. The government holographic heads lay on each level when communication is needed. No one sees who or what lives inside the building. The trees are also technologically made, not natural.

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Adding some colour

I used the drawings I created to add some colour to see if I could see my world coming to life. As I began I realised how large this project is and how difficult it is to create a new world as not only do you need to think of the big changes, you also need to create the smaller details that make it different.

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‘In Cold Blood’ | Final Design.

Again, I made changes to the final draft.

– Changed the font of the title (Author in Bold, Makes it more organised and stand out further)
– Added imagery to the back cover (Makes it more interesting and makes the grey follow
– Changed the position of the blurb (to make it easier to read and fits within the imagery.)
– Added the fingerprint pattern to the spine (to reinforce the subject matter.)
– Changed the colour of the font on the spine (to make it stand out on a shelf.)

I am very happy with the final draft as with Cold Blood, they have previously used mainly photographic imagery. I wanted to bring a more modern illustrative style whilst also bringing the truth that photography can bring. I felt this will intrigue new readers as I feel as though there is still a mystery to the imagery whereas a documentary photographic image is more self explanatory.
 In Cold Blood FINAL.jpg

‘In Cold Blood’ |Book cover part two

I also decided to do ‘In cold Blood’ by Truman Capote as well as To Kill a Mockingbird as my favourite genre is thriller/murder. Even though I thought I would find this easier to design than Mockingbird I actually struggled at the start with ideas.

The first idea I had was outlining a dead body as if at a crime scene. I decided to use patterned lines to create the outline as if it’s emerging from the ground.

As I finished this image I knew it was not right for the book as I didn’t look like a murdered body at a crime scene. However I did really like the image so I continued to experiment with colours. I feel It would also be too busy and didn’t suit the style of a Non Fiction journalistic book. new red.jpg