When you think you’re done, you’re not.

This was originally my final design, however after Christmas I wasn’t as happy with as I was. I didn’t like the type of the title, i felt the circle was too flat and it just didn’t flow as well as I wanted it to. I also didn’t think the green added anything so I began to change things.

The changes I made :
– I added depth to the circle by darkening the edge to make it more 3D.
– The boldness and font of the title and author. (A lot more appealing and the subtleness of mockingbird works a lot better than when in bold.)
– The colour from green to orange ( colour relates to penguin books and associated with prison)
– The size, font and layout of the blurb. (Easier and more appealing to read)
– the added imagery of wings on the back cover. (Something was missing and the soft imagery coming through works nicely and does not effect the reading of the blurb.)



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