Original design for To Kill a Mockingbird

This live brief asked us to create a new cover for the extremely well known book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. The first idea came to me by looking at previous book covers. I noticed they all referenced the ‘Mockingbird’ and originally I wanted to sway away from this however I realised that this is what immediately attracts potential readers. However I wanted to do it differently than what’s been done before by drawing a decaying bird wing with the feathers still intact. Referencing the idea that mockingbirds are meant to bring happiness and innocence, however the world isn’t as simple as this. It’s as though the delicate feathers are the last to decay/be plucked.

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to use the single wing or both so I created imagery with both. I wasn’t sure how much the image would stand out in white so I inverted the imagery which I feel is more eye-catching and would work better as a cover.


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