Designing the whole cover

A lot goes into designing a book cover – The typography, spacing of the text, size and placement of the imagery, colour, and cohesiveness.

The circle to me, and the opinions of others, is that it works better than the single wing on it’s own as it draws more attention and also gives you an instant viewing point.

The bold ‘Mockingbird’ I think is too much and may actually look better if the ‘To Kill A” is in bold and the mockinbird in light. Also I think ‘Harper Lee’ needs to stand out more as it almost fades into the background.

For the back cover, I think a colour needs to be introduced and/or some imagery that references the front so it all works as one. After speaking to my teacher Jason, I realised that the blurb doesn’t have to centred, it can be spaced to the left which can read a lot easier.

I do like the hint of green within the book however maybe another colour may work better? I also definitely want the background to be black, as grey just washes out everything else and white wouldn’t be capturing enough.


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