Final Poster | Light Pollution

For the final poster, I wanted to combine all the animals in one image, raising the awareness/bringing stronger and emotional content. Receiving feedback from my class was really informing as it was all very positive and everyone seemed to feel it does justice to the cause and was well executed.

One comment I took on board was to experiment with the shadow of the words. Instead of having both the shadow and the type, use the shadow to spell out the words, as light is the main issue. I feel as though this does work a lot better and the typed out font was unnecessary as it’s a lot more effective with the shadow alone.

I wanted to produce something that would actually have an effect on someone, even if it is one person alone who turns off their light/reduces it. Taking on a global issue is very difficult to execute well, and I feel as though I got my point across to the audience.  posternew


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